Pacific Alliance Corporation designs, manufactures, and markets various commercial, industrial, and residential air filters, housings, and frames for removing and controlling airborne particulates and gaseous contaminants. It offers a range of air filtration products, air filters holding frames, and air filter housings, including high efficiency particulate air filters and absolute isolation barriers for the creation of synthesized atmospheres to control manufacturing environments and for the control and containment of contaminants and toxic gases in certain manufacturing processes; mid-range filters for individual and commercial use; and standard-grade filters for standard residential and commercial furnace and air conditioning applications.

Pacific Alliance Corporation also designs and manufactures various production equipments to automate the processes. Its air filter productsÂ’ applications range from ultra-clean air for semiconductor facilities and pharmaceutical manufacturing, and preventing the spread of infection in hospitals to removing odors and harmful gases in occupied spaces. The company serves various industries, including those associated with commercial and residential heating and ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC systems), semiconductor manufacturing, ultra-pure materials, food processing, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, synthetics, nuclear power, and nuclear materials processing. In addition, it offers replacement filters, pre-filters, housings, carbon filters, and replacement filters for standard commercial and industrial HVAC systems.

Pacific Alliance Corporation markets its products through retail and independent distributor networks to the end users. Further, the company, through its subsidiary, Star Leasing, Inc., operates as a general commodity carrier in the trucking industry providing logistical and brokerage services, warehousing, and distribution. The company was founded in 2008 and is now located in North Salt Lake, Utah.