Company Structure

Superior Filtration was formed in October 2007 and occupied its lease space in Ogden, Utah on December 6, 2007. From January to September 2008, the plant and equipment were placed in service but Superior did not commence operations until October of 2008.

Effective January 1, 2010, we closed the acquisition of Star Leasing, Inc. (“Star Leasing”).   Star Leasing is in the trucking industry and is a general commodity carrier.  Star Leasing was founded in 1983 and currently has more than 200 employees.  It has operations in 48 states, Canada and Mexico.  Since its formation, Star Leasing has expanded its business to include full-circle logistical and brokerage services, warehousing, and distribution. Star Leasing provides local delivery for its warehousing and distribution services.

At this time, the two companies are operated as separate subsidiaries with separate profit centers. Over the course of the next twelve months we intend to combine the accounting, finance and IT functions of the two companies. Currently, Star Leasing provides all of the freight service for Superior Filtration and Superior Filtration is working with Star Leasing on the expansion of its common carrier operations.