Markets Served


We are in the business of retail residential and commercial/industrial air filter frame and housing manufacturing for the clean air industry.  Our principal business is the manufacture of custom made high efficiency air filters, filtration systems, and housings which are used primarily in ultra clean manufacturing environments (clean rooms) in systems designed for the containment of airborne hazards. We sell our products both domestically and internationally and we are a vertically integrated company with a filter assembly plant, metal working facility and die cutting equipment.  Air filtration products are critical to many high technology industries, including semi conductors, ultra pure material handling, bio-technology, pharmaceutical production, synthetics manufacturing, and the containment of airborne radioactive particles in nuclear facilities.

The air filtration market is mature, with market growth driven by a gradual trend toward higher efficiency filters for residential, commercial and industrial applications.  Our management believes that health concerns will accelerate this trend over the next five years as commercial buildings in large U.S. cities upgrade their ventilation systems to install more efficient filters trying to achieve LEED certification. Other growth drivers include an increasing propensity towards using higher-performance filters in commercial and residential spaces instead of current low-efficiency models, and the use of HEPA filters in new applications.

We believe the forces driving the air filtration market are evolving, beginning in the past decade and continuing for the next several years, from preserving machinery and equipment to maintaining and or facilitating indoor air quality. In addition, we expect many technology industries to increase their reliance on air filters to remove microscopic and gaseous contaminants from sensitive manufacturing processes associated with semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceutical production, ultra-pure materials manufacturing, nuclear power and materials processing, and biotechnology. Companies are devoting resources to air filtration products to enhance process efficiency and employee productivity.